A Scholar is A Writer Donny Syofyan


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Penulis: Donny Syofyan

Ilustrasi: Freepik
Penata Letak sampul dan isi: Alizar Tanjung
Ukuran: 15.5×23, cm
Halaman: xii+196
Penerbit: Rumahkayu Pustaka
ISBN: 978-623-8208-06-7

Cetakan, Juni 2023

Ketersediaan: Stok 200


Writing is a bit distinct from other intellectual activities. Reading makes us understand, discussion deepens and writing sharpens. Writing an op-ed article makes a writer get to millions of people, sway hearts, change minds and perhaps even remold public policy. In the process, you may also acquire recognition for yourself and your institution.

Yet to be good at writing op-ed articles, some guidelines are necessary to consider. First, track the news and jump at opportunities. Timing is important. When an issue is dominant in the news — whether it’s a stock market panic, a war or just the recent controversy on a reality TV show — that’s what readers want to read and op-ed editors want to publish. Whenever possible, tie your issue overtly to something taking place in the news. If you’re a researcher studying cancer, for example, start off by discussing the celebrity who passed away yesterday. Or, look ahead to a holiday or anniversary a week from now that will provide a fresh news peg and enable editors to plan the story beforehand.

Second, limit the article to 700-800 words. Shorter is even better. Some academic authors contend they need more rooms to explore their argument. Alas, newspapers have narrow space to offer, and editors usually won’t take the time to cut a long article down to size. Third, make a single point well. You cannot find a solution of the world’s problems in 800 words. Be pleased with making a single point obviously and convincingly. If you cannot make your message clear in a sentence or two, you’re attempting to cover too much.

Fourth, put your main point on top. You’re not writing for academic publications that generally wait until the final paragraphs to reveal their punchlines. Op-ed articles do the opposite. You have no more than 10 seconds to hook a busy reader, which means you shouldn’t “clear your throat” with a witticism or historical aside. Just get to the point and convince the reader that it’s worth his or her valuable time to continue. Fifth, tell readers why they should be concerned. Regards yourself as an occupied person looking at your article. At the end of every few paragraphs, ask out loud: “Who cares? So what?” You must answer these questions. Will your ideas protect them from disease? Help cut readers’ taxes down? Make their children more cheerful? Explain why! Appeals to self-interest generally are more effective than abstract punditry.

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