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A Scholar is A Writer – Donny Syofyan


Penulis: Donny Syofyan
Judul: A Scholar is A Writer
Penulis: Donny Syofyan
Ilustrasi: Freepik
Penata Letak sampul dan isi: Alizar Tanjung
Ukuran: 15.5×23, cm
Halaman: xii+196
Penerbit: Rumahkayu Pustaka
Cetakan, Juni 2023


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What and how are instagrammable politics? Why are politicians necessary to be more attentive to this sort of ‘state-of-the-art politics to entice more millennials?

Just like Instagram with its strong visual characteristics, instagrammable politics emphasizes the significance of visual candidates. Both presidential and vice- presidential candidates need to excel in promoting themselves as visual as possible. Approaching millennials through conventional speech or long passage of self-introduction in a writing form on the website would be things of the past. Owing to their instant and tech-savvy lifestyle, they spend much time seeking out handy information in a speedy fashion for a limited time. Photographic stuff turns out to be favorite things for the need. Instagrammable politics, therefore, exerts a considerable stress upon pictures, images, videos.

In the past few days, I chatted with some students of my university, asking how they identify and inquisitive about both presidential and vice-presidential candidates. Much to my surprise, their popular answer was through social media, particularly Instagram, with assorted viewpoints. Some said that it is more personal as it portrays the candidates’ more directly. A picture speaks a thousand words.



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